East Prawle Cricket Club
2010 Match Reports

Saturday 5th. June 2010 vs Swinton Park- on tour

East Prawle maintained its unbeaten record against Swinton Park CC when it travelled to North Yorkshire to play on the grounds of the stately Swinton Park Hotel.

Captained by Mark Cunliffe-Lister, Swinton Park won the toss and batted. But with only seven runs on the board they lost their first wicket in the fourth over when Prawle Captain Pete Burner took a sharp catch off the bowling of Dave Hampden-Smith to dismiss S. Mukherjea for 2 runs. Then the always-to-be-expected ringer came in in the form of Richard Shepherd. Under touring rules he had to retire at 30 and Prawle were glad to see the back of him only to have Lister take guard. He made an exciting 32 before he was politely asked to retire. Jones was bowled in the ninth over for 4 by Adrian Martin and neither Hinton nor Moubayed batting at 5 and 6 respectively troubled the scorers. Samit at 7 put on a handy 25 before he was run out. Swinton Park finshed their 30 overs with 147 for 7 and Tim Johnson was Prawle's outstanding bowler with 3 for 3 off 3. DHS, Martin and John Swaddle took one apiece.

Alec Browne and Alex Tucker opened the Prawle innings and put on 37 runs before Tucker was clean bowled by that man Shepherd for 8 runs. Browne went on to make 34 before he was mandatorily retired. Robin Surtees also had to retire when he made a handsome 30 and Martin threatened to be the third man to walk proudly but was caught behind by Lister off Shepherd for 21. Steve Tucker sealed the match for the visitors with a sweet boundary on the first ball of the 29th over, fittingly bowled by Shepherd.

We can proudly say we went to Yorkshire and came home victors by 2 wickets.

EPCC v Swinton Park

Saturday 19th. June 2010 vs Pigs Nose - away

East Prawle Cricket Club made a quarter mile journey this week to Tripp's Field in the village to face the Pig's Nose in a 30 over match.

Always a lively and entertaining contest this year proved no exception. Prawle won the toss and Captain of the Day Steve Tucker decided to bat. Julian Brazil and Pete Burner opened and they both made a steady and promising start until Brazil was spectacularly caught and bowled by Simon Hornby on 11. Burner went on to make 25 before he skied one to wicket keeper Chris Browning. Wickets fell fairly rapidly and when Prawle was 69 for 8 it looked like the home side would have an easy day of it. But Charlie Ansell and Sam Lamble at 9 and 11 put on 32 runs to take the visitors to a credible 139 for 9 before the overs ran out. Will Baker was the Pig's bowler of the day taking 3 wickets for 2 runs in his allotted overs. Jason Moore took two wickets but was expensive at 27 runs. Hornby, Dixon, Scott Robinson and Ken Turner accounted for the others.

When the pub team came in to bat Phil Martin and Dixon put on an opening stand of 29 runs before Martin was caught behind by Tucker off his brother Adrian'Martin's bowling for 16. Dixon put on a solid 24 before he was caught by Pete Thuel off Answell's bowling. Scott Robinson made a handy 18 before he was clean bowled by Brazil. But nobody could dislodge Hornby who was 41 not out and ended the day's entertainment with a cracking boundary in the 29th over to give the pub side a 5 wicket victory.

Saturday 18th. July 2010 vs. Malborough - away

We travelled to Malborough for a 35 over match with Tim Johnson acting captain for the day. We lost by 76 runs but most of us were a bit bemused by Malborough's expensive new artificial pitch.

They won the toss and elected to bat and their openers Gus Morgan and Mike Martindale put on 200 runs for the first wicket. We knew the game was up by then but we soldiered on. At the end of their 35 overs they had amassed 239 runs for only 2 wickets and we had a hill to climb. Morgan went first when he was caught by Adrian Martin off the bowling of Alex Browne on 82 and then Martindale was caught by Browne off the bowling of James Millard when he was on exactly a ton. Baldwin and Burke put on 14 and 15 not out respectively to end their innings. Millard was the best of our bowlers-not a hard task-with 1 for 24 off six overs. We put up a fight nonetheless. Browne made a good 38 before he was bowled by Lee. Pete Davies made a stylish 34 before he was caught by Morgan off the bowling of Drew. And Wicketkeeper Steve Tucker made 25 before he was dismissed by Martin.

We were all out for 163 but our wounds were healed by a splendid meal provided by the hosts afterwards.

Saturday 24th. July 2010 vs. Two Hopes - at home

We entertained a team new to us this year called the Two Hopes Cricket Club from Horsham in Surrey and they had seven players on their side all called Filby. It was most confusing for our scorekeeper.

Dave Hampden-Smith was captain of the day and started off on a solid foot by winning the toss. He chose to bat and after a slow start we moved into top gear and at the end of our 35 overs we had amassed a tidy score of 210 runs. Three men stood out. Alex Browne made 51 and Mark Lister and James Millard both made 48 and the latter was undefeated. When we had Two Hopes at 39 for 3 in 13 overs we had high hopes of a victory. The next wicket fell at 92 and the fifth fell at 133 and that was the last one to go. After 29.5 overs the touring side had made the necessary 211, thanks mainly to a stunning innings of 80 not out by, naturally enough a Filby, Tom Filby to be exact. Paul Akeroyd made a solid 42 before he was bowled by Captain DHS. Another visitor in the runs was Mark Shead who made 34 before he was very neatly caught and bowled by Pete Burner. Millard and Richie Thuel were the best of our bowlers both taking one for five off their three overs.

Sunday 1st. August 2010 vs. South Pool - at home

A bitter/sweet week in Prawle. One of the cricket club's most loyal supporters passed away and we had a moment of silence before our game with South Pool to honour his memory. Rex Horsman was only 65 when he died suddenly from pneumonia. He and his wife, Rose lived in Gloucestershire but owned a home in the village for over a dozen years and were very much a part of village life. He will be sorely missed.

As to the match itself Tim Johnson captained again and started off as usual by losing the toss. South Pool chose to bat and openers Dave Lovett and Nick Massey put on a solid 21 runs before Lovett was brilliantly run out by Jacob Surtees-Smith from the deep when he was on 13. Third man Robert Darke only lasted 7 more runs, two of which he made, before he was comprehensively bowled by Dave Hampden-Smith. South Pool struggled to find any form after that with only James Millard, a late substitute to their team, making double figures. He made a dashing 17 with four 4s and a single before he was bowled by our new young discovery Will Pike. South Pool were all out for 74 in only 16 of their allotted 35 overs and Pike was undoubtedly Prawle's best bowler. He took four wickets for one run.

DHS had another good day taking 2 for 7 in 3 overs. John Swaddle also bowled well, taking 1 for 7 in 3 overs. DHS and Joe Stephens opened the batting for Prawle and got us off to a very shaky start. Between them they managed 5 runs before they were dismissed. 3rd man Roger Tucker went cheaply to some good bowling from Nick Massey, but then Swaddle came in and settled things down. He made 20 before he was clean bowled by Geoffrey Tantum. Surtees-Smith was going smoothly before he was out to a controversial lbw decision but his father Robin stepped in and put on a handsome 27 to ensure victory for us by 3 wickets. For South Pool Ben Bushell took 2 for 11, Massey had 2 for 7. Collins , Tantum and Lovett accounted for the others.

Sunday 8th. August 2010 vs. Slapton - away

One of the cricket team’s friendliest rivalries is with Slapton. Back in May the Slapton team came to Prawle and beat us by two wickets. So this week we were looking for revenge as we travelled to play them on their home pitch.

It turned out to be one of those days, we bowled well, fielded excellently and at least two of us batted well. Captain for the Day Charley Ansell won the toss and decided to bat. Pete Burner and Jacob Surtees-Smith opened but Burner was gone by the third over when he was caught by Louey Lynn off the bowling of Nick Mathias for only 4 with the score on 11. Surtees-Smith was joined by his father , Robin, and they put on 33 runs before Jacob was caught by Richie Mitchelmore off the bowling of Lynn for 12. Robin Surtees put on a good 18 runs before he was caught and bowled by Andy Pratt. Alex Browne was gone soon afterwards when he was clean bowled by Pratt for 4. And then the man of the match arrived. Wayne Kovacic seemed intent on knocking the seam off the ball as he ran up 41 runs, including 8 fours. Richie Thuel hits 3 fours in his quick 15 runs before he was caught by Robin Lee off the bowling of Matt Hammett and Phil Martin hit 4 fours in his contribution of 23 runs. Will Pike and John Tucker had a last wicket stand of 25 runs before Pike was caught by Slapton Captain Graham Burton off the bowling of Mitchelmore. Prawle were all out for 156 in 32.5 of the allotted 35 overs.

Of the Slapton bowlers, Pratt and Mercer stood out, the former taking two wickets for 5 runs and the latter 2 for 11. Mathias, Lynn, Mark Sullock, Hammett, Mitchelmore and Burton took a wicket each. Burton and Mathias opened for the home side and struggled. Mathias was clean bowled by Richie Thuel on only the second ball he faced. In contrast Burton faced 33 balls but only managed two runs before he was caught by Jacob Surtees-Smith off the bowling of Martin. Andy Pratt followed his fine bowling with an excellent time at the crease, knocking up 40 runs, his side’s highest scorer, before he was caught and bowled by Kovacic. He also accounted for the next man, Lee, who was caught by Martin off Kovacic’s bowling for only 4. Dan Mercer tried to steady things down but was caught by Burner off Surtees-Smith’s bowling when he was on 13. Hammett felled for only 8 runs, Mitchelmore put on 17 before he was caught by Browne off the bowling of Robin Surtees. Sullock faced 8 balls made 10 runs before he also was caught out, and we felt the games was ours. The next three batsmen only added one run and Slapton were all out for 106 in the 29th over, giving us victory by 50 runs.

Saturday 14th. August 2010 vs. 22 Bedford Row - at home

Rain Stopped Play / Match Abandoned

22 Bedford Row are a group of London solicitors who come to Prawle every summer, camp in Tripp’s field and challenge us to two games of cricket.

It’s a bit of a quirky affair and this year was no different. On this first game we won the toss and elected to field. The visitors had a good start and put on 31 before losing their first wicket when Dan was caught by James Millard off the bowling of Richie Thuel. The legal team went on to make 180 in their 35 overs with J Upton highest scorer with 62.

We got off to an even better start in our innings with Julian Brazil and Phil Martin putting on 34 without loss in only 6 overs when the heavens opened and rain stopped play. It was such a downpour we were forced to abandon the match and under the Devon version of Duckworth/Lewis we claimed victory. The solicitors were quick to claim that we needed to play at least 10 overs to implement that law. This is Prawle, we warned them and we’ll be back tomorrow for the second round.

Sunday 15th. August 2010 vs. 22 Bedford Row - at home

Lost by 4 wickets

Fortunately the rain stayed away for our second match with 22 Bedford Row. It was a beautiful summer’s day and our Captain for the day Adrian Martin was off to a good start by winning the toss. He chose to bat and Pete Burner and Will Pike opened but not resoundingly. Burner was out for 4, Pike fell for only one and Alex Browne for the same score. Marcus Nolan came on to steady the ship and put on 39 before he fell lbw to the bowling of Morgan. The captain had a good innings and was high scorer with 40 before he also went out lbw off the bowling of opposing captain Richard Sharpe. Because The Bedford Row team had players who were returning to London in the early evening we played only 25 overs each and at the end of our innings we’d made 144.

The Bedford Row openers of Beasley and Morgan put on 43 runs before Morgan was out lbw to Nolan for 15. Sunil Panwar rushed on as third man and announced he had a taxi coming so he would probably get out early. He didn’t but instead made 29 runs before he retired “cab waiting.” Things started to look up for us as we took two quick wickets but then Captain Sharpe arrived and smashed the ball all over the ground. He put on 44 runs including 5 sixes and two fours. The sixes came all in one over, and the bowler’s name is being withheld. Sharpe was caught out with his side needing only two runs to win and ironically his entire team cheered mightily when he was dismissed. They went on to win by four wickets in their 20th over. The quirkiest part of the day—one of their players arrived with a grey parrot and a budgerigar in separate cages and they squawked and whistled through the entire game. Drove the scorers crazy.

Sunday 22nd. August 2010 vs. Aveton Gifford - away

Lost by 4 wickets

The village team went trundling over to Aveton Gifford on one of the worst days of the summer this week. Through the mist and the drizzle they drove only to find Aveton Gifford fairly dry and the host’s Captain Clive Clark promising the rain would keep off until the end of the game. He was almost right.

Captain for the day Julian Brazil lost the toss and was told to bat. Openers Phil Martin and John Tucker put on 53 runs for the first wicket before Tucker was out lbw when he was on 31, his highest score of the year. Neither Wayne Kovacic nor Alex Browne troubled the scorers much before they were dismissed, Kovacic first for a duck and then Browne on the third ball he faced for four. Opener Martin followed shortly, having scored 22 runs. Aveton Gifford’s James Shepherd accounted for all four wickets.. Captain Brazil picked up the run rate but was caught out by Shepherd off the bowling of Clark when he was on 21. At 115 for 6 we looked in trouble but James Millard and Tim Bromfield managed to carry their bats after Richie Thuel went down 7th man on 11. Millard was 35 not out and Bromfield 19 at the finish of our 35 overs with our total at 177 for 7.

In the home team's innings the first three batsmen went cheaply and they were 19 for 3 when Shepherd came in. When he was finally dismissed, caught Brazil, bowled Martin, he’d made 79 runs and Aveton Gifford need only 19 more to win with four wickets standing. Needless to say, they did it without further loss despite a torrential downpour that gave the lie to Clark’s earlier promises. For Aveton Gifford Joel Innocent was not out 28, a very stylish innings for a young man, and Tim Stockwell was 4 not out. A four wicket defeat for us.

Sunday 29th. August 2010 vs. Pigs Nose - home

Won by 1 Run

The two village cricket teams met for the second time this summer in what is always a strongly contested game. Back in June the Pig's Nose team beat East Prawle Cricket Club by 5 wickets, so we were looking to even the score.

Playing at home pitch we won the toss and Captain for the day Charlie Ansell elected to bat. Openers Marcus Nolan and Steve Tucker put on 36 runs before Tucker was given out lbw by his son, John, who was standing in as umpire. The senior Tucker made 23 before he was dismissed. Pete Davies, still grinning from his excellent A level results, came in at 3 and he and Nolan put on a splendid 50 partnership before Davies was clean bowled by Gareth Treverton for 29. Mark Lister came and went on the second ball he faced and Nolan followed shortly after when he was run out on 29. Julian Brazil was the third batsman of the day to make 29 before he was caught out by Phil Martin off the bowling of Ken Turner. Turner went on to take two more wickets for only 10 runs in his spell of bowling. He accounted for Alex Browne who made 10 and James Millard, seven. Scott Robinson and Treverton cleaned up the remaining batsmen for not many and Prawle finished 167 all out in the penultimate of our 35 overs. Treverton accounted for 3 wickets for 10 runs.

The Pig's Nose had a shaky start and were 45 for 3 when Treverton came to bat. He carried his bat to the end, making 95, including 13 fours and 3 sixes, but it was not enough as his team-mates collapsed around him. None of the batsmen after him made it into double figures but most of the spectators and some of the Prawle team thought he was going to do it on his own. He may well have except for the slapstick run out of Fred Robinson. When they needed only three runs to win, Treverton smacked the ball for what looked like another boundary but it hit the umpire on the foot and rebounded to a fielder who winged the ball to the wicket keeper, who bobbled it and failed to dislodge the bails. Treverton and Robinson, meanwhile, found themselves side by side next to the wicket keeper who was trying desperately to pick up the ball. Robinson set off for his end of the pitch only to arrive there after the bowler, Millard, had dislodged the bails. In came Dave Hampden-Smith, a late substitute for the Pigs at number 11. Treverton took a single and Hampden-Smith faced Millard's last ball of the over. He was comprehensively bowled, giving East Prawle a win by one run. Honours even for the year, but what a match.

Saturday 4th. September 2010 vs. President's - home

Won by 51 Runs

It was President's day this week for us, which is really just an excuse for a good party. Club President Jim Keltz picks a select team to play the club regulars in a 35 over match after which we all retire to the beer tent for a ram roast and other assorted delicious foods. We do, however, play a sort of serious game. The club team, captained by Pete Burner, won the toss and elected to bat. It was a wise decision. They put on 227 all out with Richie Thuel undefeated on 53. Phil Martin made 45 before he was caught behind off the bowling of Will Pike. Alex Browne made 40 runs before he was lbw to Peter Blyth. Others in double figures for Prawle were John Swaddle and Pete Davies, both on 16, and Julian Brazil and Tim Johnson, both making 10.

The President's X1 had a very shaky start to their innings and were 49 for 5 in almost the blink of an eye and the President was looking decidedly unhappy. Truth to tell if it hadn't been for Peter Blyth and Mark Lister the President's side would have been humiliated. Blyth made 66 before he was clean bowled by Browne, and Lister was 43 not out. The other participants failed to reach double figures and the President's side was bowled out for 176, giving the club side a win by 51 runs. At the end the President's Captain Steve Tucker said having lost two years in a row he resigned, but was told he couldn't because he was sacked.

Sunday 12th. September vs. Stoke Fleming - home

Won by 3 Wickets

The village cricket team entertained Stoke Fleming at home this week and pulled off a surprise victory. It must be said that the visitors did not field their first team, but showed that they have some very talented up and coming players.

Stoke Fleming won the toss and elected to bat and had a solid start with Hardy and Jarrod opening. Hardy was the first to fall when he was on 13, caught Pete Davies, bowled Will Pike, two of Prawle's star young players. Jarrod went on to make 51 runs with 10 fours and one six before he was caught by Ben Bromfield off the bowling of Davies. Third man Addison only faced 5 balls but he made 14 before he was caught behind off the bowling of Ben Bromfield, who later in the day would become a hero for us along with his older brother Tim. Edmonds at four put on a spirited 26 before he was clean bowled by Tim Bromfield and after that only Perkins made double figures and he was 14 not out when the visitors were bowled out in the 30th over for 142.

James Millard was the pick of the Prawle bowlers with 3 wickets for only 2 runs, but Tim Johnson achieved some distinction in his spell of 3 overs. Bowling to Garland he lost his balance as he let go of the ball and fell flat on his face. The batsman evidently was astounded to see the bowler rolling toward him down the wicket and never noticed that the ball had hit the stumps. Johnson didn't notice it either from where he was and couldn't understand why the laughter was coupled with great cheers.

Our innings had a dreadful start and soon we were 18 for 3 with only Davies at 3 managing double figures. He was 12 when he was caught by Edmonds off the bowling of Addison. And here is where the Bromfields come to the rescue. Ben had a 34 wicket stand with Will Pike, who made 15 before he was bowled by Jarrod, which brought Tim Bromfield to the crease. The brothers put on a 68 partnership before Tim was stumped by wicket keeper Hardy off the bowling of Garland for 46 runs. His innings included 6 fours and one six and put us in the driving seat. Ben went on to make 36 before he was caught by Addison off the bowling of Rogerson. Alex Browne made 11 and James Millard and Johnson were not out when the necessary runs were reached in the 27th over, giving us a win by 3 wickets. For Stoke Fleming Sam Duberley is the best youngest spin bowler we've seen in a long time. He was 9 for one in his spell as was Edmonds in his 3 overs. Rogerson took 2 for 12. In the end it was such an enjoyable day both sides agreed to play two games next year.

Sunday 19th. September vs. Slapton - away

lost by 5 Wickets

The cricket team travelled to Slapton this week to play the much anticipated "decider." Back in May, Slapton came to Prawle and won by a single run. Then in August we went to Slapton and won by 50 runs.

There was a keenness in the atmosphere as well as in the wind blowing down the pitch. Prawle Captain Pete Burner won the toss and elected to bat. Pete Davies got off to his usual elegant start with a couple of fours but then was cleaned bowled by Nick Mathias for 10. Mathias would go on to take four more wickets, giving him figures of 5 for 29 in seven overs. A middle order collapse by us had Slapton scorer Shirley Sullock ringing the tea ladies and telling them they better hurry over. She hadn't accounted for Julian Brazil who had come in at number three and stood firm as his teammates trundle in and out. Brazil went on to make 64 runs before he was caught by Mathias off the bowling of Louis Lynn in the 35th over with only two balls remaining. Brazil had six 4s and two sixes in his total and managed to salvage some pride for us. Steve Tucker, a late substitute for us, made 22 valuable runs and we ended our innings 157 all out.

Not a great total against Slapton but when their Captain Graham Burton was out with only 5 runs on the board we thought, "game on." Andy Pratt in at 3 steadied the ship and put on 39 valuable runs before he was caught Brazil off the bowling of Davies. He had seven boundaries in that total. Dan Mercer in at four , stayed to the end and won it for his side with his third boundary of the innings in a total of 42 not out. Matt Hammett and Mercer had a 78 run 5th wicket partnership which sealed our fate. Hammett on 41 was caught behind off the bowling of John Swaddle with only 20 runs needed in four and a half overs. Mercer and Robin Lee saw out the victory. And in keeping with Prawle/Slapton tradition we all retired to the pub and congratulated ourselves on a fine match.